Driver Monitoring System DMS

Driver Monitoring System can warn drivers of their drowsiness or distraction by detecting changes in head, face and eyelid movements with a driver-facing camera. While issuing real-time warnings, the system will also wirelessly deliver related images and videos to management platform for remote monitoring and delicate fleet management analysis.

The system can detect driver eye closure, head down, looking around, talking over the phone, smoking, etc., and also works for night driving and for drivers with regular glasses or sunglasses.

System Features


The system could monitor the driver’s facial expressions, and when yawning emerges, it will issue warnings.

Eye Closure

If drivers close their eyes for a certain period of time, the system will issue drowsiness warning.


When drivers are smoking during their driving, the system will issue warnings.

Phone Calls

When drivers are talking over the sell phone during their driving, the system will issue warnings.