Radar System

AUTOEQUIPS’ 24GHz and 77GHz radar sensor systems are specially designed for commercial vehicles, which use unique radar signal processing methods and high bandwidth and that can effectively reduce vehicle damage caused by collision, and can also reduce the collision accidents of pedestrians and even cyclists. 
Radar systems warn for potential collisions, are used for avoiding blind spot crashes, and can control stop and go functions in queues, among other things. If the driver does not take appropriate action in time and a crash is about to happen, advanced radar systems can take control of the vehicle to avoid the crash or lessen the accident’s severity. This high level of safety functionality is maintained in bad weather and no light, when driving conditions are at their worst.

Radar sensors note vital information, such as range, angle and Doppler velocity – information used to determine the driving situation and warn the driver in potentially dangerous situations.

System Features

24 GHz Radars

The radar system detects and warns of objects in the vehicle’s blind spot, assists with lane changes, alerts of rear cross traffic and rear collisions, and features trailer tow assembly. AUTOEQUIPS offers 24 GHz Ultra-Wide Band Radars and 24GHz Narrow Band Radars.

77 GHz Radars

AUTOEQUIPS’ high-resolution radars allow for increased detection points, leading to improved ability to understand free space, better object separation in multiple target environments, and more precise detections in blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert.