The SMART Virtual 360 (Around View Monitoring Camera System) is the industry benchmark which becomes the ideal auxiliary equipment to enhance driving safety. 
Today, we announced that we have developed this advanced HD 3D Virtual 360 system by deploying the new generation TI chipset with more robust image processing capabilities, featuring high performance CPU and GPU for faster processing and sharper image rendering. With up to maximum 6 FULL HD 1080P digital camera inputs, the DSP can processes simultaneously and also  produce sharper HD 3D 360 degree around view video in real-time. 

Driver can check their entire surrounding from any different perspective, and more detailed overview including height and depth.

System Features

Easy installation

New miniature wide angle AHD camera for easy installation.

Easy calibration

Auto-calibration realise calibration as a simple as a breeze.

Versatile view modes

Versatile view modes to suit different driving conditions.

With Acti-Vue BSD

Integrate with Acti-Vue BSD to offer viaual and audio alert.