Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (or ADAS) are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver to potential risks, or to avoid collisions by implementing safe guards. “Our goal is to eliminate risk by helping the drivers to recognize potential danger with intelligent devices that actively detect danger and give warning signals.” Autoequips is developing a series of smart camera systems (or ADAS) to provide total solutions for your driving and working safety needs.

The system is based on leading computer vision technology, also capable of monitoring target objects from the road ahead, such as vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, cyclists, etc to side and rear blind areas. When the system detects potential collision danger during driving, it will alert driver to avoid accidents till safe.

System Features


While driver drives vehicle toward other lanes without turning light on in advance, the system will alert driver with visual and sound warnings to avoid collusion.


The system detects vehicles ahead during driving, and when the vehicle fails to keep headway and is too close to vehicles ahead, it will give driver visual and audible alert.


The system detects the pedestrians in front during driving, and it will alert driver immediately after detecting potential pedestrian collision dangers or front vehicle urgent stops without warning, or vehicle cut-in from other lanes.


The system detects the pedestrians during driving, and it will issue warnings in advance after detecting potential pedestrian collision dangers.